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Facebook Changes to Timeline for Pages

Posted by VISION Marketing & Consulting on Mar 5, 2012 1:25:55 PM

Are you ready for the change? There are a few very important things to note with the Timeline changes for pages on Facebook. We've briefly outlined some below and also included additional resources for more insight.


Important Changes with Timeline for Pages:

1. New Cover Photo: Your business page now has 850x315 pixels of space to showcase what you do. Incorporate a captivating picture related to your business to draw in viewers. Careful about how you use this though, Facebook has rules in place discouraging promotion with "like" arrows and contests.

2. Third party Apps Still Work: the new layout allows for you to keep your current dimensions or expand the view to 810 pixels.

3. About Section: the about section directly below the profile picture highlights the main points of your business and varies depending on how your page is set up (i.e. If you're set up as a company it shows 150 characters to describe your business. If you're set up as a local business it shows your address, phone number and your business category).

4. Custom Apps: The new layout showcase your page applications. The first little square to the bottom left of your cover photo will always be 'Photos', but the rest can be swapped around, taken out and edited to show a custom image. These custom images must by 110x74 pixels in size.

5. Highlight Important Posts: You can now highlight important posts by selecting the little star on the top right corner of each post. This expands your post to the full width of the two columns combined. Don't want the full width but still want fans to notice the post? You can also pin post, which keeps the post at the top of your wall.

6. Fan Comments Grouped Together: Do you have fans talking about you? You will now see all of these posts conveniently grouped together in a box on the right column of your wall.


Additional Resources:

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