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May Healthcare Corner

Posted by VISION Marketing & Consulting on Apr 29, 2012 11:26:14 AM

Welcome to our healthcare updates May Healthcare Corner! Stay up to date on the latest happenings in the healthcare industry.

The Town of Gilbert ready to welcome new VA Health Clinic
The new VA health care clinic will be located on the northeast corner of South Val Vista Drive and Market Street, with an opening set for the Spring of 2014. It will be located in close proximity to Mercy Gilbert Hospital, and will be overseen by the Phoenix VA Health Care System which is part of the Veterans Integrated Service Network 18.
Not only will the facility bring jobs to the area, more importantly it will bring first-class medical care. The new building will improve access to primary care services, along with adding specialty care in audiology, radiology and dental to the existing services.
The new facility will replace the former Williams Air Force Base/Arizona State University East Campus location.

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Congratulations to Banner Boswell Medical Center
In April, Thomson Reuters named its annual "100 Top Hospitals" list, which the company says recognizes facilities that deliver higher quality and more efficient care than other hospitals of similar size or teaching status. Banner Boswell Medical Center was named to the top 100 Hospitals List.
Banner Boswell is the only hospital in Arizona to receive the 2012 honor. It was also one of 12 Everest Award winners. To receive the Everest Award, a hospital must be ranked among the top 100 and have delivered the greatest rate of improvement during the past five years.

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Working in Healthcare and Trying to Understand Reform
We all see it coming, and we are all trying to figure out how it will affect our practice and what your patients want to know about the changes. Here are some simple things to share (Lin, 2011):
1. The patient will get healthcare they need, no more-no less.
A new federal Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute will provide funding for studies to help doctors make more informed decisions. That should keep patients from getting unnecessary medical care and provide them with care that's most effective.
2. A patient will receive healthcare from a team of professionals.
The more people who are working together to monitor health conditions, the less likely a complication will be missed. The team can consist of the physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, care managers and nutritionists.
3. The care team will reach out to patients in an attempt to prevent future health problems.
Rather than being paid only when patients get sick, doctors and care teams will be given financial incentives to keep patients well.
4. Technology will improve the efficiency of healthcare.
Doctors will be expected not only to exchange their paper charts for electronic medical records, but to use them meaningfully; that means improving the accuracy of the information in a patient health record and making sure these records will be accessible to the patient and the various professionals participating in the care.

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Lin, K. (2011, January 19). 4 health reform changes to expect at your doctor's office. Retrieved from

How much training is needed for EMR switch, and by whom?
Practices often underestimate how much training is needed or accelerate it to save time and money.
We have summarized a few key points to help you be successful with your transition, or to consider if you don’t feel like your practice is being efficient with the new EMR system. Andrew Fitzpatrick, CEO of WPC, a health IT consulting firm in Seattle, said three considerations should be made early on to help physicians:
1. Amount of data, including data abstracted from the previous system. Depending on how data from the old system will be entered into the new system, and the amount and location of the data, the work flow post-implementation may change a little or a lot.
2. Integration with other systems. Integration matters, because the practice could implement multiple systems besides the EMR, such as electronic prescribing, or add an EMR to systems already installed.
3. Hardware. Fitzpatrick said the hardware that will be used may dictate who is trained on it and how the work flow will change.
Although computer skills are essential for a successful change, most consultants feel that a positive attitude is the most important quality their employees need to have to be motivated through the change.

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