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Top 10 Must Knows for Social Media

Posted by VISION Marketing & Consulting on Jan 27, 2012 10:08:50 AM

There are so many things to know when it comes to social media that it might get a little overwhelming. We've outlined below some of the top items to take note of when developing your social media plan and goals. And included Top 10 Must Knows for Social Media in fun PDF format!

1. 501 to 1000 fans on Facebook will increase your traffic by 3.5 times. Over 1000 fans on Facebook will increase your traffic by 22 TIMES!

2. 80% of content you post should be specific to your industry, offerings, etc. The other 20% should just be fun and engaging content (Randomness!).

3. HootSuite is your best friend when it comes to managing your time and your social media efforts.

4. Social Media is the easiest way to get to know your competitors and what they are doing – and do it BETTER!

5. Want your following to interact? Create EASY call to actions (i.e. click here, watch this, ‘like’ this post if…etc.) For more tips on how to increase follower interaction and engagement, read these 15 Easy Ways to Boost Engagement on Facebook!

6. Social Media is just a PIECE of the puzzle. Tie in your social media efforts to your other online and offline marketing strategies and overall business goals.

7. You should always be offering something of interest to your fans. This means, posting consistently (different platforms may require different frequencies) and of quality and sometimes showing your appreciation for them connecting with you by offering something of value (i.e. discount or special, early access to a new product, etc.)

8. Use Social Media as a platform for promotion – but DO NOT OVERDO IT! Occasionally linking back to your site, mentioning your products/services and/or upcoming events within your business is great, but mix it in with other types of information. (i.e. other resources, events, articles, etc.)

9. Track your stuff! Use analytics, insights or other tools to keep an eye on how your audience is responding to you. What is getting the most interaction? What keywords are associated with your brand? Research shows that there is a direct correlation between social media and customer experience that translates into improved brand health, increased revenue and cost savings.

10. Help your audience look cool. Easiest way to get people talking – have them talk about themselves! And give them opportunities to share that information with others (in turn, connecting your brand with more individuals).

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